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Lost City Escape

Beginner’s Guide

This is a basic overview of how our game works



You are trapped. You have one hour, and one mission: Escape!



Observe your surroundings, solve clues and make the connection.



Uncover the mystery hidden within, find the final key, and escape!

Escape Room Themes

All Selections

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A famous Canadian comedian trapped in the Lost City. You like mind challenges as well?

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Our Rates


Castle In The Sky – $25 Dollars per player/ $23 (Mon, Wed, Thu)

Inverse World – $25 Dollars per player/$23 (Mon, Wed, Thu)

Left 4 Dead – $25 Dollars per player/$23 (Mon, Wed, Thu)

Mission impossible – $25 Dollars per player/$23 (Mon, Wed, Thu)

Mysterious Bar – $25 Dollars per player/$23 (Mon, Wed, Thu)
(Please note:The weekday promotion is valid until 2017.04.30/cash and debit only on site)


Like us on Facebook and follow us on Wechat. Enjoy 2 dollar off.

Large group reservations/Corporate events on discount(Contact for more details)

Free game play for your birthday!(Birthday Person Only)
* Only one promotion is valid per visit


What is the suitable age group for the escape room games?
In our escape room, there is no themed room that is too scary or inappropriate for players. However, it is generally recommended for anyone greater than 12 years old and less than 70 years old to have the best gaming experience. However, any teenage under than 19 needs to be accompanied by an adult.

Can I bring the baby?
Yes, absolutely. The only reminder from us, is please watch out for the babies as the rooms can be dark.

Is there a restaurant nearby?
There are a bar, pizza shop and a couple of small fast food restaurants nearby. We don’t recommend bringing food to the escape room in order to maintain a clean gaming ambience.

Is the room really dark and scary?
We do have lights in most rooms and each team will be equipped with flashlights so it will not be too dark. We build our escape rooms for the purpose of challenging people’s logical thinking skills, and a team’s working skills. The focus is definitely not to scare you.

Can you add more people after the reservation is made?
Absolutely, as long as it doesn’t exceed the maximum people allowed, this is fine. Please inform us before you make the change.

Any free parking available?
Yes, There is tons of free parking places in the plaza.

What if you are late?
We will keep the room for you for another 15 minutes if no other booking. However, if there is another group behind your scheduled time, your actual playing time needs to be reduced. Please call or Email us of any changes 24 hours in advance.

Any constraints?
We don’t recommend people with Claustrophobia play the games. If you have any other health condition, please consult us before booking.

Do you sell gift certificate?
Yes, as we believe this is a very thoughtful gift for your friends and families, please contact us for details.


Please leave this field empty.

Hours of Operation

Monday: 2:15PM – 11:00PM
Tuesday: 2:15PM – 11:00PM
Wednesday: 2:15PM – 11:00PM
Thursday: 2:15PM – 11:00PM
Friday: 2:15PM – 11:00PM
Saturday: 1:30PM – 11:45PM
Sunday: 1:30PM – 9:00PM
The schedule is valid until 2017.09.31


Email address:
Phone number: 519-472-6668
Phone calls will be transferred to the personal voice mail during the non-operational hours. We will return your call as soon as possible.

Find us at Unit9, 1050 Kipps Lane, London, Ontario for the best room escape game experience.
Public Transportation: 32 & 27 & 1 at Kipps&Barker St
Easy to reach Western University, Fanshawe College and Downtown